View Dependencies

Update (February 1st, 2010): View Dependencies released! You can download it from the download page.
Update (June 1, 2008): View Frames and Links and Forms released.


This is the homepage of the View Dependencies extension for Firefox, Mozilla, Seamonkey and Flock.

Other Firefox extensions.

View Dependencies : What's this ?

View Dependencies adds a tab to the "page info" window, in which it lists all the files which were loaded to show the current page.

It orders the files by servers and by types (image, stylesheet, script, ...). The size of each file, the total size per server and the total page size are displayed.

With a context menu, you can open any file in a new tab or new window. You can also copy an url to the clipboard.

Languages :

View Dependencies is currently available in a few languages.

I would be pleased to add other languages in it if some translators want to work on it, this can be done through babelzilla.

Typical uses of this extension :

If you find other things for which this extension helps you, please let me know and this list will grow. :-)

Screenshot of View Dependencies :

Screenshot of View Dependencies 0.3.1
(more screenshots)

Download View Dependencies

Other Firefox extensions

View Frames

View Frames will display in the General tab of Page Info a tree with the frames composing the page. The current frame is listed in bold. A double click on another frame in the tree will reload Page Info to display the info for this frame only.

screen shot of View Frames

Links and Forms

This extension adds to the Firefox 3 Page Info window the Links and Forms tabs exactly as they were in Firefox 2.

Screenshot of the Links tab Screenshot of the Forms tab